Hiking in Catalonia

Hey everyone -long time, no see!

This Summer has been such a special one. All the previous Summers till now were gaps in between academic years. But this Summer? This Summer I took my final undergraduate exams, finished Med school and graduated, in a lovely Graduation ceremony, surrounded by family and friends. So what about now, you may ask? Well, many things are going on now. What is certain is that a new chapter is about to begin -a chapter absolutely different and new to me.

But before it begins, let me tell you about my holidays in Spain! Well, it’s no secret that since the first time I visited Spain, I fell in love with the country and its people. Beautiful scenery, with kind and full-of-life people. During my last visit, I had the amazing opportunity to meet a group of amazing people, and join them into a hiking adventure, in Santa Maria de Corcó.

So in this post, I will share with you some memories from this adventure, and a new activity that the guys taught me: Geocaching! If you are interested in reading more about these, then keep on reading! 😉

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BratisLove: Bratislava Castle

An unexpected visit to Bratislava Castle.


Hey Lifestylers!

Welcome back to the new episode of my series, BratisLove, where we visit beautiful -small and big- spots of Bratislava. In this episode, I will tell you about our visit to one of the most famous spots of the town, which is its Castle.

Prepare a hot cup of coffee (or tea), because I have a story to tell!

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Memories from Christmas 2016 (with photos & thoughts)


It’s been almost a month since Christmas 2016, and I honestly cannot understand how time flies by so fast. We think we can pin time down and control it, by filling out to-do lists and every day schedules, which we anxiously try to keep up with -but, truth is, the more we try to grab it, the easier it slips away.

In this entry, I want to share with you some photos from the Christmas period which just passed. Some of them are taken by my good friend, Antigoni.

I hope you enjoy them and travel with me, from North Europe to South -and back, again! : )

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Visit to Schloss Hof

Saturday, 26/11/2016


Hey everyone!

Oh my. It’s been a month since I last posted here. Life can get too busy, sometimes.

But! Last Saturday, we decided to take a day off and spend some quality time, doing something different. The next 3 weeks before Christmas will be tough in the Uni, so it was a good chance to have a small getaway and clear our minds from all the everyday stress.

While I was checking some webpages a few days ago, I discovered a perfect little Christmas market, in Austria, just next to the border of Slovakia. Austria is famous for its Christmas markets, which are SO many, I can’t even begin. So, when I first saw this particular market, I knew we shouldn’t miss the chance of visiting it.

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Strolling around Brno, Czech Republic

Day trip in Brno!


This week we visited the beautiful city of Brno, which is the second largest city of the Czech Republic and the largest of the historic region of Moravia. Just one day is not enough to explore everything, of course, but it was definitely enough for us to get a good taste of the city’s life and fulfil our 2 basic goals: visit the Mendel’s museum and the Church of St. James, with its recently found ossuary.

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To Kittsee by bicycle

Been there. Done that.


This week we finally did it! I have been wanting to go to an Austrian village by bicycle since two or even three years ago. I had already got a bicycle but I never really used it for a long distance. But the time finally arrived, for my bicycle to take me to a place far away!

Ok. Not that far away (duh), but still, away from the city.

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BratisLove: Visit to the Slovak National Museum (SNM)

Hey everyone!

I have already left the South and have returned to the North. I am now in Bratislava, and I have to say that the weather is unexpectedly warm here. Last Saturday, we decided to visit the Slovak National Museum. The day was quite eventful and we kept postponing the visit, but in the end we made it!

20160827_174356 copy

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3 (old) things that I have kept

Out of all the words in the dictionary, one that I really like is “change”. I like change and I am enthusiastically going after it, especially when it comes to my personal space. I keep on changing the decoration every now and then, sometimes radically, some other times at a more basic level. In any of these cases, change comes as a breath of fresh air to me, I just adore how refreshed my personal space looks afterwards -and it also gives my working/studying attitude a huge boost and inspiration!

Being in my hometown these past weeks, I can’t help but notice how much my room has changed. As I moved from childhood to my teen years, and then to my adult years, the decoration of my room -as a direct manifestation of my personal taste- has changed, to express my individual style.

However, there are a few things that I have kept throughout the years, and I still enjoy having. Here are 3 of them!

  1. Crystal angel

2016-08-14 14.41.29 copy

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