“Cooking” your own shower gel?! (by Cosmetic Kitchen)

Smell good, feel good.


Hey everyone!

Today, I want to share with you my new discovery: the Cosmetic Kitchen, an Austrian brand with 100% vegan products. I stumbled across their line in DM  and I was initially attracted by their simple, cute packaging. But little did I know -when I discovered their “do it yourself” spirit, I instantly fell in love with it and my first thought was to share it with all of you.

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L’ Occitane en Provence: 3 products I got this week

Is this my new face stable?!


So basically this happened: I have been using and loving my La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat cream for the past 4 years, or so. Day and night, winter or summer, this has been my face companion for the past few years. And it was absolutely enough -it was hydrating my face, without clogging the pores, without weighting it down, without making it shiny. Plus, it was a great makeup base.

But recently I have been noticing that my skin did not feel as hydrated as it used to be. There were dry patches here and there, as well as a feeling of tension. Perhaps it’s because of the cold -or my skin just got used to it. In any case, I decided to try out another product, and after some “research”, I decided to give L’ Occitane a chance.

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3 beauty products I loved this Autumn (2016)


Well. It all started a few days ago, when I realised that my Blog’s category “Personal style & Beauty” only contained one entry. From 4 months ago. How is it possible? So I have decided to work a little more on that, and prepare some entries to compensate for it.

We have already passed mid-October and as every Autumn, I get this feeling of restlessness and this need for change. So, being in that mood, I decided to try out 3 products and share with you a mini review.

Here we go!

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Pamper yourself!

Who doesn’t like pampering themselves? Taking care of yourself, your mood and your body, is one of the most fulfilling things that you can do. It can relax you, make you happier and elevate your spirit!

Throughout the year, it can be quite difficult to manage your academic or professional responsibilities and at the same time spend adequate time pampering yourself. During the summer holidays, however, there is no excuse! It’s the perfect chance to experiment with different products, enjoy their scent and let them do wonders for your body and spirit.

This summer I decided to try out pure, natural products. Essential oils, flower and fruit extracts… mm! Here are my absolutely favourite tips for cleansing and hydration:

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