Sometimes a Dreamer,
sometimes a Realist,
sometimes in Between.


Hey Lifestylers!

In this section, I am going to answer some of your most frequently asked questions. Let’s start:

  • Who is the Creator of this Blog?

The Creator of the Blog is me, a 27th year old girl, who loves travelling, good food, good music and Nature. Plus, I am a 5th year medical student, who loves studying all things medical. 😀

My blogging name is “Serenity”. This is not my real name, it is more of the name I would have in the fantasy world. Plus, it matches the full name of the Blog, in case you didn’t notice. “Parlez-moi de Sérénité” means “Tell me about Serenity”, in French. Which brings us to the second question…

  • What is this Blog about?

This is a Lifestyle Blog, but a more personal one. It does not follow the newest or most popular lifestyle trends -at least not necessarily. Good food, travelling around the globe -near or far away-, personal style… this is a place where I post everything that interests me and attracts my attention!

  • Is this Blog a professional one?

No, it’s purely a hobby. Actually it is my Ultimate hobby, because it binds together all the other hobbies I have. In my free time, I love cooking, or discovering pretty little restaurants around the town. I enjoy travelling around, or just trekking in a hill near the town I live. I feel delighted when I get to read a good book, or when I get to dress up nicely and go out for a coffee with my friends. As I mentioned in the previous question, anything I like will eventually end up on a Blog post, to share it with all of you and exchange ideas and inspiration!

  • On Sérénité’s official Facebook page we saw that you also write in Greek. So…?

Yes, I am Greek, but in the past years I have been living and studying abroad. Medical studies are very demanding, so unfortunately I do not have the time to translate my blog posts into Greek. So, to make it easier, I have decided to keep English as the official language of the Blog, since I can reach more of you like that. On Facebook and Instagram, however, all my newest posts include both English and Greek comments, so I can reach my Greek friends who don’t speak English, too. In any case, English or Greek, you are free to leave me your comments in any language you prefer. I will be absolutely delighted to receive them!


Disclaimer: Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal. The Creator will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The Creator will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.

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