Hiking in Catalonia

Hey everyone -long time, no see!

This Summer has been such a special one. All the previous Summers till now were gaps in between academic years. But this Summer? This Summer I took my final undergraduate exams, finished Med school and graduated, in a lovely Graduation ceremony, surrounded by family and friends. So what about now, you may ask? Well, many things are going on now. What is certain is that a new chapter is about to begin -a chapter absolutely different and new to me.

But before it begins, let me tell you about my holidays in Spain! Well, it’s no secret that since the first time I visited Spain, I fell in love with the country and its people. Beautiful scenery, with kind and full-of-life people. During my last visit, I had the amazing opportunity to meet a group of amazing people, and join them into a hiking adventure, in Santa Maria de Corcó.

So in this post, I will share with you some memories from this adventure, and a new activity that the guys taught me: Geocaching! If you are interested in reading more about these, then keep on reading! 😉

We travelled by car from Barcelona to the picturesque village of Santa Maria de Corcó. Then, we followed a beautiful hiking route, in La Foradada. The route was 10,58 km long, leading to the waterfall of La Foradada -a spot taken right out of a fairy tale.

The route was not that difficult, but it was an unbelievably hot and sunny summer day, and the route itself wasn’t offering much shadow. Plus, the last kilometers before reaching the waterfall were tough for a newbie hiker, with big, slippery stones. On our way there, that wasn’t a big problem, since we had more energy and we were going down the rocks. On our way back, however, we had to climb up these rocks and that was a bit of a challenge.

Here is a photo from the beautiful path we followed. I didn’t take any photos while we were hopping on the slippery rocks, because I was too busy being extra careful!


While we were drawing near the waterfall, we started listening to its sound, and it was truly magical! The moment I first saw the waterfall I was amazed by its unique beauty -and thankful that the route was finally over and we could get to rest under the fresh shadow of the thick trees.


I got very curious when I saw all these people enjoying themselves there. There were children, as well as elderly -how did they manage to walk these tough 10 kilometers?! Well, apparently you can park your car very close to the waterfall, on its back side and just walk a few meters till you reach the spot. Of course, it is much more rewarding to reach this place after doing the whole hiking route, so if you have a pair of good shoes (and lots of water), I highly recommend following our steps. 😀

On our way back, the guys introduced me to a very cool activity: Geocaching.

It is a “treasure hunt”, going on all around the world. The idea is that you can download the app and find hidden treasures near your place (or the place you have travelled to) that another user has hidden there. The user who hid the treasure gives you clues on how to find the treasure. And sometimes, there is a chain of clues and riddles, and when you solve the one, another one appears, till you reach the actual “treasure”. When you find it, there is a box with a pencil and a paper, where you must write your name -and you also leave a comment on the app, that you found it. You can even hide your own treasure, for others to find! So, so cool!

In case you are wondering -yes, we found our treasure!

On our way back, we walked through the pretty village of Santa Maria de Corcó and discovered that the locals where having a small summer party: they had placed tables on the narrow road of their neighbourhood, and they were all enjoying their lunch there, like one, big family. Extra points for the kids (and grown ups) who were throwing water balloons to each other, in order to freshen up in the heatwave. The balloons they threw to us while we were passing by were also much appreciated. :p

So that’s it for this blog post, everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and that next time you travel to Catalonia and the weather is good, you will think of the beautiful village of Santa Maria de Corcó and the amazing scenery and waterfall of La Foradada.

Till next time! xxx



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