End of an Era

You might have heard…

A couple of days ago, I passed my last State Examination. Yes, I am a Doctor, now!

Well, I haven’t realised that I’ve finished Med School, yet. All these exams, sleepless nights, stressful mornings… are they really over?

To be honest, deep inside I know that the real “game” starts now. However, right now, I choose not to think about the future and all the challenges that are about to come. I am planning to enjoy this huge success, as well as a long Summer – filled with Greek sun, Greek food and Greek sea.

In Slovakia, there is this very cool tradition: when students finish their State Exams, they write their names on the pavement, just outside the main Uni building. Such an amazing tradition! So my colleagues and I met and wrote our names on a lovely spot, right below the stained glass window of Hippocrates.

As we were writing our names, we remembered our first day in Uni, when we noticed the surnames of the previous generations of graduates. Back then, graduation seemed so distant, almost unreachable, like a dream. We imagined how it would feel one day, if we could manage to write our names down there. Well, now I know the answer: it feels so, so, SO good! It feels like all the worries and difficulties that we experienced during the past 6 years, turned into dense white paint, leaving our bodies and staining the pavement, for the next generations to see. And one day, they will eventually fade away from the steps, snow and mud. And this will create new space for the next generations to leave their mark.

Such a wonderful, emotional day!


Comenius University, my Alma Mater. The place that helped me accomplish my dream and introduced me to some amazing people from all over the world!

What about you? Does your University have a special tradition, like this? I would love to read your comments, so don’t be shy, just leave me one!


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