Dear Diary (Update!)

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update for all of who might be wondering why I’ve not been posting the past weeks and what’s going on~

1. There is less than 1.5 month left till the end of Med school. And the word that describes me right now is “busy”! Oh wait, this is the word that describes me all the time, in any case. Well.

2. Lifestyle intervention: on! I’m trying to walk the “10,000 steps per day”. Guys, you NEED a step counter in your life, trust me. It makes you extremely self-conscious about the amount of walking you do each day. And sometimes we need this “shock”, in order to make preventive lifestyle changes. The best moment to change your life is right now.

3. In this walking odyssey, my best friend -as I have mentioned in a previous post– is a good audiobook. Right now I’m listening to “Sapiens: a brief history of humankind”. I’ve been seeing this book everywhere, it’s all over medical accounts on Instagram. The topic was intriguing so I decided to give it a try. And oh-my-gosh, it’s amazing! Wonderful! I’ve finished the first 2 chapters and I can’t wait for my daily walk in order to listen to some more. Highly recommended!

4. A big “thank you” to the person who created audiobooks. I’ve missed reading so much…! There is no time for reading in Medicine. If I have time, then I will just study some more. So in the end, even if there is time, there is no time. I shall name this the “medical time paradox”. :p It’s great that I can combine long walks and books!

5. I’ve re-discovered peanut butter and I am so addicted to it! Like Winnie-the-Pooh + honey. Angela + peanut butter. Pure love.

6. Did you notice that I’ve changed the banner of my website?


Well, soon I won’t be a student anymore and the previous banner was all about “Tales of a Med student”. It was time for the big change!

7. This post is full of abstract thoughts. Well, at least I’ve numbered them, so you won’t get lost. Brace yourselves, I might make more! 😀



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