Things I’d say to my 18-year-old self

Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, I’ve recently turned 28. Yay! It’s difficult to believe it, actually. Have I changed since then? Definitely yes. Am I the exactly the way I thought I would be, when I turned 28? Certainly not!

*And I absolutely love it.*

So what if I could go back, just for 5 minutes and give some advice to my younger self?

Scenario #1:

In this scenario, I would probably spend the first 4 minutes trying to wake me up from the shock of my future-self appearance and persuade me that it is -indeed- me.

So, the last minute of my time-travel I would say:

1. Good things will come. Don’t waste your time, waiting for them. Enjoy your every day, as it is.

2.Be patient. Don’t rush. One step at a time.

3.Be kind. Some people spread hatred and negativity. Some others, however, spread love. You are not alone.

4.You are OVERworking, ALL the time. Take breaks and have fun. You deserve it.

5.You are amazing, you are strong and you can do it!



Scenario #2:

I would probably be super cool about meeting my future self. And I would probably spend these 5 minutes drinking a Strawberry lemonade, talking about…girl-stuff. Well. :p



What if you could go back for 5 minutes? What age of your “past self” would you want to meet? And what advice would you give yourself?

Leave me your comments, people! I can’t wait to read them!



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