Kefalonia: Myrtos beach, Assos & Fiskardo

Myrtos beach, Kefalonia


Hola chicas y chicos!

I am spending my Summer holidays on my island, Kefalonia. It is a beautiful Greek island, located between Greece and Italy. It belongs to the Seven Islands and it has a total population of around 36000 -my town, Argostoli, has less than 10000 people. It seems quite small, eh? However, I can guarantee you that the people here are so loud, that it makes up for their small number. The island is full of life and energy. I grew up and  spent all my childhood and teenage years here, till I turned 18 -at that point, I left to pursue all my academic goals and get to know the world. Currently, it’s the 9th year that I am away. I don’t come back often (I guess twice a year is not considered to be “often”), however, every time I come back, I try to make the best out of my time here and enjoy moments with my family, as well as go around the island and enjoy its numerous beauties!

The previous week, we visited 3 of my favourite spots on the island: the famous Myrtos beach, Assos and Fiskardo. I took many photos, and right now I will share with you my favourite ones, and give you a taste of Kefalonia.

Come with me, then!

1. Myrtos beach

This beach is famous all around the world. It is the one shown above, below this post’s title. It is covered with shiny white stones, and leads to crystal clear, blue waters. Absolutely beautiful!

Some years ago, an earthquake occurred and it created a rift (a “crack” on the hill). It is very interesting geologically speaking, and it is still visible, so I took a photo:



Interesting, eh? Let’s move on!

2. Assos

This is by far one of my favourite spots of the island. It is a very picturesque small village, that I have always loved, since I was a child.

What to do


^^ Take a walk towards the little beach and have a swim in the crystal clear waters.


^^ Sit on the wooden bench and enjoy the coffee/snack that you brought from home.


^^ Walk around the narrow roads of the village, and admire the wonderful old architecture of the buildings.


^^ Admire the beautiful Castle of Assos, with its long, rich history.


^^ Have your breakfast/lunch in one of the cafeterias/tavernas, next to the sea.

3. Fiskardo

Fiskardo is one of the most popular villages of the island, mainly because it has maintained the traditional Kefalonian architecture of the previous century. It is really beautiful and during Summer months it is filled with tourists: hundreds and hundreds of visitors arrive every day, to admire its beauty.

What to do


^^ Walk around and have a swim, take a cruise, rent a boat or participate in a diving adventure. During Summer months, there are so many organised activities -for every taste- that you can enjoy!






^^ Take a look at the various shops. You might be surprised by all the small treasures you might find: summer clothes, home decoration items etc.


^^ Enjoy your coffee or lunch, near the sea. There are so many places to try out! And it is a common secret that Greek cuisine can be better enjoyed when you are sitting next to the sea. 😉


So, that was it for this Blog post! I hope you enjoyed it. There are so many more photos that I would like to share with you, but I tried to keep the post neat and simple. I am planning to make many posts like this, to show you more spots of my island. Do you like the idea? What you would like to see? If you have any suggestions, leave a comment and I’ll check it out.

Till next time, have fun and take care!



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