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BratisLove: Botanical garden of Bratislava (photo journal)


Hey everyone!

I hope that you are all doing well and that you are enjoying your holidays.

Currently, I am back to my island, Kefalonia. If you follow my Instagram/Facebook page, then you know that I’ve been in the UK, for a couple of weeks. I have so much to say about this amazing experience, that I will make a separate Blog post for that -very soon. However, I still owe you a post about the Botanical garden of Bratislava, so I thought that I should prepare this one, first. 😉

Let’s start!

There is something about this place that I absolutely adore! It might be relatively small comparing to other Botanical gardens that we have visited (see, Botanical garden of Ljubljana), but it is made with such care and love, that in the end it absolutely captivates you. We have been there quite a few times now. However, visiting it after the exams have finished has a special value. We feel like it absorbs all the stress from the examination period and leaves us with a warm feeling. Nature has this special way of relaxing you and offering peace to your mind and body!



^^ Here is a beautiful close-up, that was taken by the Official Photographer of our Blog, VCH. 😉 So pretty!

Well, don’t mind me! That’s just me, casually pretending to be part of the scenery. 🌷🌳 . It was so lovely yesterday at the Botanical garden. There was this feeling of serenity that only Nature can offer you. The Botanical garden of Bratislava is definitely one of my favourite spots of the town!🌼🌹🏵🌸 . How are you able to achieve contact with Nature in your town? Do you visit parks/gardens/go trekking? 🤔 . // . Ήταν τόσο όμορφα χθες, στο Βοτανικό κήπο της Μπρατισλάβας. Η επαφή με τη Φύση σου προσφέρει ένα ξεχωριστό αίσθημα γαλήνης, ηρεμίας και χαλάρωσης, που δε συγκρίνεται με κανένα άλλο!🌷 . Ο Βοτανικός κήπος είναι σίγουρα ένα από τα αγαπημένα μου σημεία της πόλης. Χμ και τώρα που το σκέφτομαι, κάθε φορά που επισκέπτομαι μία νεά πόλη, ψάχνω να δω αν έχει Βοτανικό κήπο.😄 . Εσείς πώς καταφέρνετε να εξασφαλίσετε την επαφή με τη Φύση στην πόλη σας; Επισκέπτεστε πάρκα/κήπους, κάνετε πεζοπορία;…🤔

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^^ So much green! And there are so many quiet spots where you can sit, relax, think, talk, read your favourite book, enjoy your coffee…


^^ As you wander around, you will notice a beautiful lake, with a small wooden bridge. It always amazes me how such a small place can hold such a huge diversity of living organisms. Water lilies, fish, turtles, dragonflies, butterflies, bees… all dancing in the sunlight!


^^  And if you are curious and want to know what I was looking at, in the previous photo, here it is: some huge golden fish and a cute lady turtle!


^^ Next! If you keep on wandering around, you will reach this check point: the greenhouse. I really like it here, because they have various rooms where they have recreated different climates. Here, you can see my favourite room, with the tropical climate and plants.

Hey everyone! Today, we spent a lovely day in the Botanical garden of Bratislava.🌻🌼🌹 We have been trying to go there for many months, but we didn’t have the chance. Finally, today we did it! It was so much fun, we got to walk in Nature, listen to the birds and relax. Plus, we took so many great photos! 🐦 . Actually, I was thinking of making a Blog post about today’s visit, because there are many beautiful photos that I would like to share with you. What do you say? 🍉 . Till I prepare it, you can check my Instagram stories, because I have uploaded some pretty pictures. Check them before they disappear! 😉 . How did you spend your day? 👀 // . Γεια σε όλους! Σήμερα περάσαμε μια όμορφη μέρα στο Βοτανικό κήπο της Μπρατισλάβας.🌻🌼🌹 Θέλαμε να πάμε εδώ και αρκετούς μήνες, αλλά μία ο καιρός, μία οι εξετάσεις, δεν τα καταφέρναμε. Σήμερα, όμως, επιτέλους πήγαμε! 🐦 . Βγάλαμε πολλές όμορφες φωτογραφίες και σκέφτομαι να κάνω ένα ποστ στο Μπλογκ, για να μοιραστώ τις αγαπημένες μου μαζί σας. Τι λέτε; 🍉 . Μέχρι να το ετοιμάσω, τσεκάρετε τα Instagram stories μου. Έχω ήδη ανεβάσει μερικές (sneak peek). Δείτε τις προτού εξαφανιστούν. 😉 . Εσείς τι κάνατε σήμερα; 👀

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^^ This is where this Instagram photo was taken. 😉


^^ Love the contrast between red and green.


^^ I kept the best for the end! This is the cacti room. So many different types, from all over the world. As a cacti lover, this is the last place that I always need to visit, before I leave the garden.

Finally, in case you are wondering:

  • How can I reach the Botanical garden?

You can reach the garden very easily, by tram (tram stop: “Botanicka zahrada”). You can check to get more information about the tram number and the exact timetable that is convenient for you.

  • Is there an entrance fee?

Yes. To enter the garden, we paid 1.5 euros each (with student discount -the full fee is 3 euros). However, if you are planning to go there many times, there is also the choice of seasonal tickets, which is a great value for money.


Hope you enjoyed this post! If you decide to visit the garden, don’t forget to take many photos and tag me @parlezmoideserenite #parlezmoideserenite





For more information, check the Official website of the Botanical garden (Slovak language):


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