15 gift ideas for guys


Hey everyone!

Well, I don’t know about you, but personally I always panic when one of my male friends/relatives celebrates a special occasion and I need to get him a gift. If it is a gift for a female friend, you can never go wrong with high quality cosmetics/skin care products, or pretty and feminine accessories -at least, in most of the cases. But if it is for a guy? All I can think of is the case of my cousin: I used to get him an aftershave, for every special occasion, for many, many years. Name day. Birthday. Christmas. Easter. Successful examination.  And many other times. No kidding, one day I visited him and I discovered a shelf full of aftershaves. It seems that I was not the only one who was going for the easy solution and was getting this particular gift for him. It was so embarrassing, I never bought an aftershave for anyone, after that!

So, over the years, I have made a small list of gift ideas for guys. Of course, not everyone is the same and not everyone is going to like everything out of this list. However, you can get some ideas and judge by yourselves if they match the particular person you have in mind.

And one last thing: you can adjust most of these ideas, according to your own budget. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Just the thought of it has a great value and it is something that must be greatly appreciated, no matter how much it costs. Thoughts and feelings are much more important than objects. 🙂

Let us start!


1. Clothesshirt

It can be a T-shirt, a shirt, a necktie… and even better: underwear and shocks. Guys (and girls) can never have enough of them!

2. Cosmetics

Aftershave! (kidding, haha)

Moisturising hand cream (guys also get dry hands, not just us), shaving set, shower set…

3. Books

That’s one of my favourite gift ideas, both for my male and female friends. As long as they like reading. :p If they are students, it can also be a book about their studies. For example, it can be a Cardiology book, medical cases book e.t.c. If he likes cooking, it could also be a cooking book.

4. Board/card games

One of the best ways to connect with your friends, is through board or card games. It is a great way to spend your time and express your personality.

5. Headphones

Good headphones = good gift.

6. Gift card for the electronics store

… so he can just buy whatever he truly wants/needs.

7. Homemade foodcupcake

Lovely idea! Who wouldn’t appreciate the thought and the effort of something like that?

8. Good quality coffee/tea

9. Thermos

So he can keep his coffee/tea warm, while working/studying. No more bad quality vending machine coffee! Now he can carry his own, favourite one.

10. Popcorn maker

I don’t like devices with just one function, but if he watches movies frequently (or he just loves popocorn), it is a very nice gift idea, because by making his own popcorn he can control the amount of salt and butter = healthier.

11. Good wine

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with that. Well, as long as he likes wine.

12. Good quality pen

Especially, if he has a job that requires “showing off”, a good quality pen can really upgrade his “look”.

13. Organiser

Well, who doesn’t need an organiser? The busier we are, the more things we add on our to-do list. A good organiser can take some of the burden off, by keeping everything in order.balloons

14. Box of snacks

Get a box and fill it up with all his favourite snacks!

Or even make a “theme box”, for example a “movie night box”. In this, you can put the DVD of a movie he wants to watch, snacks, a pair of comfortable socks… it really depends on his personal taste. You can adjust it to match his style.

15. Something about his hobbies

Does he like painting? Get him a painting set! Does he like astronomy? An astronomy book. Is he running marathons? A thermo shirt that will keep him warm during winter.


As I said, these gifts are just objects. What really matters is your feelings, so even if you didn’t manage to get something, don’t worry too much: a warm smile and a nice compliment will surely make his day, no matter what!

That was it for this blog entry! Do you have any other cool ideas? If so, leave a comment down below, so everyone can see it!



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