Comic announcement: Luna & Bernard

Hey everyone!

Today, I have some exciting news! My secret project is now revealed: Luna & Bernard. My own online comic is out.

PICluna and bernard.jpg

I have been wanting to make my own comic since a long time ago, but I have been postponing it. I like drawing, but I am not that good at it, so I never felt comfortable enough to share my art. I have been thinking “someday, when I get better at it, perhaps…”.

However, if you want to do something, there is no better time than now! “Now” is what we have. Especially when it comes to creativity and hobbies. To all the new creators/artists, out there: do not miss the chance to share your art, or your abilities with the world. Art is stronger (and more fun) when it is shared.

So, back to my comic! Luna & Bernard are two medical students, and the series is about their medical studies, their crazy friends, an even crazier dog named Stinky -and all of that, with a generous dose of romance. The comic is not a “finished” work, the events and the relationships between the characters are still under development. Moreover, it is a story made not only by me, but by you, too! Do you have any funny or serious stories from your everyday life in the Medical school, that you want to share? Send me a private or public message, on the Blog, Facebook or Instagram. I might choose your story and make it into an episode of Luna & Bernard!

Important note:

As I am very busy with Med school, I do not know if I will manage to create and upload an episode every week. Whenever I prepare something, I will just upload it for all of you to see.

So… that’s it! I hope you will enjoy Luna & Bernard and love the characters, as much as I do. Stay tuned, because the first episode will be uploaded soon. 😉




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