BratisLove: Bratislava Castle

An unexpected visit to Bratislava Castle.


Hey Lifestylers!

Welcome back to the new episode of my series, BratisLove, where we visit beautiful -small and big- spots of Bratislava. In this episode, I will tell you about our visit to one of the most famous spots of the town, which is its Castle.

Prepare a hot cup of coffee (or tea), because I have a story to tell!

Can you believe that I’ve been living 5 years in this town and this was my first time going up there? It sounds crazy, but with all the studying and hospital rounds, I never had the chance to go up there before. And honestly, it was a last minute decision.

Let’s start from the beginning of the story.

The 1st of May is a very special day in Greece. We call it “Protomayá” (i.e. “first of May”, in one word) and apart from the International Worker’s day, it’s also a special day to celebrate Spring, by going out in the fields, gathering flowers and making a Flower Crown, which we then hang on the wall, somewhere outside our house.

So, as a true Greek, I had to do something similar, at least. Initially, we decided to go for a walk to the Botanical garden of Bratislava, which we absolutely adore. But little did we know! While we were in the tram, going to the garden, clouds covered the sky and wind started blowing. The unpredictable weather of Bratislava had struck again and we were left speechless, looking at the trees dancing in the rhythm of the wind!

In a split second, we decided that it would be wiser to postpone our visit to the garden, so we stopped at Kapucinska (tram stop). From Kapucinska, the road to the Castle is a relatively short one and full of tourists -or people who go there just for a walk. I am not sure how it is during winter, but the day we visited it, there were literally hundreds of people around.

And so we enter the main part of today’s story!


^^ The entrance to the Castle grounds is completely free. The first thing that attracted my attention is the beautiful view. From up there, you can see Bratislava from a totally different perspective. Look at how beautifully the Old Town, with its characteristic architecture, leads to the New Town, with its modern buildings.


^^ And here is a photo from Danube. 3 bridges, 3 different styles! The “UFO” bridge steals the show, I guess.


^^ The Castle grounds are very simple, but pretty. There, you can have a relaxing walk, rest on one of the numerous benches, or lie down in the grass. We also noticed a restaurant, which seemed very nice from the outside. However, we didn’t go in this time, so I cannot tell you more about it.

The wind was getting worse and worse, so after a nice walk around, we decided it was time to go back. It was a very enjoyable morning, and we got to do something different, after all!

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have a story to share from Bratislava Castle, we will be delighted to read your comments. Till next time!



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