Prague: A collection of photos + 10 reasons why I love this city (part 3/3)

Memories from Prague.


Hey Lifestylers!

You have been asking me what happened to part 3/3 from my Prague series. Well, here it is! Today, I am going to show you three of my favourite photos, which I didn’t include in the previous parts of my mini-Prague series. And, to spice things up a little, I am going to tell you the 10 things about Prague that I love the most.

Let us start with the photos!


^^ This place is called Speculum Alchemiae and it is a Museum of Alchemy. It is a place that I had noticed in various blogs and websites before our visit and I was really keen on visiting. It is supposed to be the laboratory where alchemists produced the Philosopher’s stone, as well as converting various metals into valuable gold.

We found it totally by chance, while we were exploring the surrounding area. Its colours, as well as the beautiful olive tree outside, immediately captured our attention. In the end we didn’t go in, because it was lunch time, and after lunch we were too tired to go back, however we really enjoyed even looking at it from the outside.

Have you actually visited this place? If so, did you like it? Let us know with a comment, so next time we visit Prague we will give it another chance!


^^ Here is just a photo we took while we were strolling along the riverside. I like this photo because it gives off a feeling of calmness and peacefulness.

One thing I appreciate about Prague is that they have wonderfully combined the natural beauty of the river (Vltava) with the human creations.


^^ And this is another random photo that I wanted to share. It’s nothing special, just the figures that welcome you to a small concert place, right next to the river. Oh, and I should mention that it is on the “other” side of the river.

So pretty, I bet that there are some very cool mini jazz concerts going on here! I like the contrast between the heavy clouds and the see-through figures of the musicians.

And now, let’s move on to the final part of this blog post…

10 things I love about Prague

  1. The people here. You know this thing about big cities, that you can look around and see so many different types of people, with different styles and characteristics? This is totally true for Prague -the diversity is strong here. Plus, the people we have met were all kind and helpful.
  2. The variety of things to do. Prague is a city where everyone can find something to do that suits their taste. Concerts, art, museums, activities… you just can’t get bored here!
  3. The parks/Nature. I can’t express how much I enjoyed our visit to Petrin hill, and the beautiful Chinese garden. Not to mention the amazing Carpathian Ruthenian Church of the Saint Michael Archangel. Lovely!
  4. The architecture. Such a great mixture of styles. Even if you are not an expert, the architecture here is surely something that will pleasantly attract your attention.
  5. The history. Every place in Prague carries its own history. You can never say that you have seen and that you know everything. It is a city that makes you want to visit it, again and again -and walk on its beautiful cobblestone roads, again and again.
  6. The variety of shops. We will not forget an amazing shop we discovered, with medieval merchandise, near the riverside. They had everything, really, from medieval clothing/swords, to books with recipes from that era. So cool! Unfortunately, we didn’t write down the name of the shop. If you know which one it is, please write it down in the comments! It will be much appreciated. : )
  7. The Palladium shopping center. Okay, I wouldn’t put a simple shopping center as one of traits that I like about a city, but this one is huge (comparing to the ones we have in Bratislava). I was actually amazed! Plus, I managed to find the exact type of sunglasses that I was looking for, for ages. ^^
  8. The food. There is a huge variety of cuisines here, from traditional to fast food chains. You will find something that you like, for sure! Personally, I adored the roasted duck and the traditional dumplings.
  9. The beer. Many types, and cheap in general. And guess what! There is even a beer spa. A real beer spa, where you can actually bath in beer. Oh yea. Crazy but true! (If you are interested, check it out here:
  10. It mixes wonderfully the old and the new. One minute you are in one of its museums, “teleported” in the Medieval era, and the other you find yourself in the modern metro, travelling fast towards your next destination.

So, that was it for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed our third and last part of our latest Prague visit. If you haven’t read the first two parts of the mini-series, here are some links for you. Check them out:

Till next time, everyone!



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