BratisLove: Trekking adventure in Zelezna Studnicka

Are you ready for a magical adventure?
Today, I have an exciting new post for all of you who live around Bratislava! And for the rest of you, this can serve as an inspiration to do something similar in your area. 😉
So today, I will tell you about our latest trekking adventure. This time, we went to Železná studnička, an amazingly beautiful part of the Bratislava Forest Park. Yes, you might remember the Forest Park from my previous post. Actually, as you will follow our steps, wandering around, breathing fresh air and enjoying Nature, you will then take a hidden chairlift and magically transfer…. to the spot we’ve been on my previous post! (Ok: the chairlift is not hidden at all. And the transfer is not magical. But don’t spoil it for me with your realism, please.)
Let’s begin!

We arrived there late in the morning (whoever is a late riser on your days off, raise your hand!). It was a very sunny day and the weather was warm. As soon as we stepped off the bus, we felt peaceful -this kind of peace, that only Nature can offer you. There were many people, younger and older, with their dogs or with their bicycles, enjoying the beauty of Železná studnička. If you just want to walk around, there is an organised path for you.

But of course, we are the adventurous type, so as soon as we felt comfortable with the surroundings, we decided to go deeper in the forest. Still, there were many people who made the same choice.


After wandering around for some time, we reached a checkpoint, “Snežienka”. There, we had a hotdog and we boarded on the chairlift which took us to the “other side” (actually, we didn’t even know what the other side was -we just randomly decided to try it out). The price was 3 euros on your way “up” and 4 euros including your way “down”. We just bought our way up, because our goal was to walk and explore the surroundings.


As soon as our chairlift trip ended and started walking around again, we realised that something looked familiar (as familiar as it can be, judging that we were walking in a huge forest:p). And yes, we realised that we had reached the spot of our previous trekking adventure, in Koliba. In any case, we decided to walk back to Železná studnička.



It was simply beautiful! We arrived back to the bus stop exhausted but full of enthusiasm, and determined to share our adventure with all of you. This is a trekking experience you must not miss!

  •  How can I get there?
In case you don’t have a car, you can easily reach Železná studnička with public transport. Depending on where you live, you might need to change two buses. If you live in the center of Bratislava, a good combo is Bus 21 till you reach “Patrónka” and from Patrónka to take Bus 43 till you reach “Železná studnička”. The whole trip will take about 20-30 minutes.

I advise you to check, in order to successfully plan your trip there, as well as your return. You might need to wait in Patrónka for some time, to catch the second bus.  Moreover, if you read this blog post some time after it was written, perhaps the bus routes will be different. Always check imhd first!

That’s it for today’s post, everyone. Hope you liked it! Walking around a place like Železná studnička can be an amazing experience for anyone. No matter what your age or your physical condition is, you can adjust your visit to your own taste.

If you go, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (#parlezmoideserenite, @parlezmoideserenite) and leave us a comment with your experience wherever your prefer -here, Facebook or Instagram.

Take a big bottle of water, a healthy snack and have lots of fun!



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