Prague: Intro (part 1/3)

Holidays. What a beautiful, beautiful word.


For these inter-semestral holidays, we chose Prague.

The capital city of the Czech Republic. A beautiful city with a strong character, that combines the old with the new. Magnificent combination of architectural styles: Gothic, Neo-Gothic, Neo-Classical, Art Nouveau… Friendly people. Mouth watering food. Excellent beer. Heavenly music. A city of contrasts, which all blend together to create a burst of colours, light and magic!

With hundreds of photos taken, and my mind filled with experiences, I have decided to make a Special Extra on Prague.

It will be composed of 3 parts:

  • part 1/3: Intro
  • part 2/3: A mini guide
  • part 3/3: A collection of photos

So, you are now reading part 1. In this part, I will mention our transport to Prague, how we moved around the city, the currency and some other general information which might be of interest. This is not a complete tourist guide, of course. It is more like a “see the city through my eyes” kind of thing. If you want more information, you can find tons of it online, with a simple google search. With that being said, let us begin!

1. How we went there

We traveled from Bratislava to Prague by train. The trip lasts 4 hours and the price is  approximately 35 euros (this is the total price to go and return).


^ The Prague train station.

2. How we moved around

We moved around on foot, and sometimes we used the metro. There are also trams and buses, connecting all parts of the city. Getting to know a city by walking around, however, is the best way for us, because we can see all the details of the buildings, the people, the parks e.t.c., which we would have missed otherwise.

3. The area where we stayed

We stayed in Prague 02, at the border with Prague 01- so very near to the historical center (20 minutes walking). Staying in Prague 02 is great, because you get to live in the “real” city, not in the purely touristic part. At the same time, you are close enough to the center, to reach it with just a short walk -or, alternatively, you can use public transport. It really depends on your personal preference. Check the map carefully, before you decide where you will stay, to estimate the distances.

4. The currency

The official currency is the Czech Koruna. You have the choice to:

– make an exchange in one of the exchange offices, or alternatively,

– pay with a card,

– pay directly in euros. Be careful, if you choose this method, because the exchange rate that people use can be much higher that the real exchange rate. So, in the end you will be charged even more. A very useful website for the current exchange rates is:

5. The weather

Okay, this really changes from day to day. During the days of our trip, however, the weather was the same as in Bratislava -so, same clothes, plus an umbrella for the rain.


So, that was it for Part 1, everyone. If you have any questions, leave them down below and I will try to help you out. If you want to add something to my descriptions, leave a comment, too. In any case, stay tuned for part 2!


Note: A big thanks to VCH for his absolutely beautiful photos! He managed to capture the spirit of Prague so beautifully. : )



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