Lipstick swatches ∴ the Brown

Brown lipsticks can be so versatile. For busy mornings or for unforgettable nights, they can complement every skin tone beautifully.


Here are my 3 favorite brown shades, which never let me down.


The Body Shop, Colour crush, shade 301

img_6952-copy^ This sparkly brown lipstick is my go-to when I feel like having a bold look. It is creamy, dark and shimmery. You can also build it up, and make it look really deep and chocolat-ish (like in this photo).

Estée Lauder, Pure color, shade 50: Hot copper


^ A light brown color, with a predominant copper pigment. Warm and feminine, it is very wearable during the day. When applied on the lips, it gives a very discreet, sheer finish.

Estée Lauder, Pure color, shade 157: Autumn


^ I love this one. It is warmer, deeper, more “rusty” and more intense than Hot copper. Perfect for bold and mysterious looks.

And here is a photo of all 3 of them. From left to right: 301 – Hot Copper – Autumn


^ I must note that all 3 of them are very soft and hydrating. Finally, I have to say that I got all 3 a while ago, so I am not sure if they are still available. I am sure, however, that you can find some very similar shades from these brands.

I hope you enjoyed this fast lipstick swatch and found something interesting here. Till next time everyone!


*Disclaimer: The entry is not sponsored, all products were purchased by me.


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