L’ Occitane en Provence: 3 products I got this week

Is this my new face stable?!


So basically this happened: I have been using and loving my La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat cream for the past 4 years, or so. Day and night, winter or summer, this has been my face companion for the past few years. And it was absolutely enough -it was hydrating my face, without clogging the pores, without weighting it down, without making it shiny. Plus, it was a great makeup base.

But recently I have been noticing that my skin did not feel as hydrated as it used to be. There were dry patches here and there, as well as a feeling of tension. Perhaps it’s because of the cold -or my skin just got used to it. In any case, I decided to try out another product, and after some “research”, I decided to give L’ Occitane a chance.

L’ Occitane is not a new discovery for me. On the contrary, it is a company I adore. Its scents are unparalleled. One of my favorite winter perfumes is from there, and all the body products I have tried out have left me awed. Their products are quite pricey, but their quality is great. So when I realised  that I must look for a new face cream, I thought “why not?“.

After searching here and there, I decided to try out two of their face products: Peony perfecting essence and Shea light comforting cream.

First thoughts:

After I wash my face and spray some toner, I apply the Peony perfecting essence first. For that I need 2-3 pumps.


+: It feels like it is locking the moisture of my skin. Nice, smooth finish.

-: With 2-3 pumps each time, the bottle will finish fast.

Then, I put the Shea light comforting cream. A tiny amount is enough for my face to feel hydrated and light -if I use any more than needed, my face will feel slightly heavy and greasy.


+: Very hydrating. I feel my skin nourished. No tension, the elasticity of my skin is back. You really need a tiny amount.

-: Personally, I would prefer it in a bottle with a pump for hygienic reasons.

But is this combo a good makeup base?

Yes, it is. But for my skin type, I think that the combo Peony perfecting essence and Effaclar mat works better for the day (as a makeup base, too), whereas during night, the combo Peony perfecting essence and Shea light comforting cream provides that extra kick of hydration that my skin needs.

And finally, the Shea hand cream:


I have no words for this product -honestly, it is the best hand cream I have ever used. If your hands suffer from the cold and react by getting extremely dry, then this is all you need! Your hands will love it.

So, that’s it for this week, everyone! I hope you found this post useful. If you have already tried these products, I would love to read your comments.

Till next time!


*Disclaimer: The entry is not sponsored, all products were purchased by me.


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