Memories from Christmas 2016 (with photos & thoughts)


It’s been almost a month since Christmas 2016, and I honestly cannot understand how time flies by so fast. We think we can pin time down and control it, by filling out to-do lists and every day schedules, which we anxiously try to keep up with -but, truth is, the more we try to grab it, the easier it slips away.

In this entry, I want to share with you some photos from the Christmas period which just passed. Some of them are taken by my good friend, Antigoni.

I hope you enjoy them and travel with me, from North Europe to South -and back, again! : )


^ Here are some photos of Bratislava, just before Christmas. I especially like the one where the blue sky plays hide-and-seek, in between the two tall buildings, while people are passing below a green roof with embedded lights. Such a beautiful touch of colour in the city center of Bratislava. The photo below (as well as the cover photo of this post), show some scenes of the Christmas market. Beautiful and warm atmosphere in the frozen city, with thousands of people passing by.



^ …and I came to this. Kefalonia, Greece, at the end of December. So much green, so much sun! It was very cold, to be honest, but just by feeling the sun on your skin, you can easily get on another level of happiness, never mind the cold (yea, vitamin D plays a crucial role, people). Here, I spent some time with my family and I managed to relax from the stress of the every day life and exams, even if it was for just a few days.




^ And then the time to return arrived. On my way back, we passed by Korinthos and and its famous Isthmos (photo of this, you can find on my Instagram). Here, however, you can see our visit to Plaka, one of my absolutely favourite parts of Athens. This neighbourhood, built at the bottom of Acropolis, keeps the essence of the previous century’s Greece. The architecture, the small roads, the little shops and tavernas… I love this place. If you visit Athens, you just have to come here for a walk. Not to mention that I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness and professionalism of the people here. True Greek philoxenia.



^ One of the amazing shops you will stumble upon, in Plaka.




^ And another one.




^ Even the fashion style is inspired by ancient Greece. How majestic are these clothes?



^ And my top moment of our visit in Plaka. After some time that we were wandering around in the small roads, we reached one entrance for the part of Acropolis, where you can visit the Parthenon (well, the true entrance is on the other side, but you get the idea of how close we were).

It is mind blowing to think that this ancient treasure is so close to the modern city of Athens. You would expect a treasure like this to stand alone, in a huge piece of land, filled  with olive trees. But no -it is in the center of a huge modern city, so close to chaotic roads, millions of people with all cultural backrounds and gigantic grey buildings. But this doesn’t take away any of Parthenon’s charm. On the contrary, it just adds to its beauty, to think that a marvelous piece of not just Greek history, but human history,  stands so close to the modern society. It shows the continuity of the human history, where the old leads to the new. And this new, it is like a little child, that strives to stand up and make its first baby steps, looking back and feeling safe that the old is looking over it, protecting it from the fall. And the small one, full of hope, smiles.

Hope you enjoyed this mini trip, as much as we did! Till next time.



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