10 movie night ideas

(Yea, I couldn’t think of a more attractive title.)

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Happy 2017!

It’s crystal clear (-8°C “crystal”, to be precise) that winter is here and doesn’t seem to leave anytime soon. What better excuse do you have, to wrap yourself around your warmest blanket and enjoy a good film? Or invite your friends over and have a beer&popcorn movie marathon?

In this entry, I am going to give you some movie recommendations. Just a quick list of good movies, in case you are too bored to google around. Animations are not included here -I have a whole bunch of favourites, so I’ll make another list for them.

Here we go, then! (I have linked all the titles to imdb, so click on them for more info)


1. Interstellar


If anyone tells me “Hey, I was thinking of watching a movie tonight. Any suggestions?”, this is the one I will say immediately. Enough said.

2. Life of Pi


Beautiful images, unexpected turns. It is a must-see, in my opinion!

3. The lovely bones


This film gives me the goosebumps every time I watch it. Very harsh and painful topic, presented in a breath-taking way. I have no other words for this one.

4. 12 years a slave


A must-see for everyone.

5. Hanna


Ok, it’s not the deep, super-wow-it-has-changed-my-life movie, but it is very well made, ideal to watch in a cold winter night.

6. The imitation game


I truly enjoyed this one. Good actors and plot!

7. Requiem for a dream


A movie against all kinds of addictions. Raw, harsh and shockingly realistic, but definitely a must-see.

8. Imaginaerum


Ok, Nightwish is my favourite band of all times, so perhaps I am a tiny bit biased here. But I watched it 2 times in just a week, so you can safely assume that yea, I loved it.

9. Ex machina


Futuristic, nice plot. Overall, a very entertaining movie!

10. Lucy


Same as above. Very entertaining, if you are in the mood for a sci-fi movie, give it a shot.


So, that’s it for this blog entry! Hope I gave you some good ideas.

Till next time, everyone!


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