Visit to Schloss Hof

Saturday, 26/11/2016


Hey everyone!

Oh my. It’s been a month since I last posted here. Life can get too busy, sometimes.

But! Last Saturday, we decided to take a day off and spend some quality time, doing something different. The next 3 weeks before Christmas will be tough in the Uni, so it was a good chance to have a small getaway and clear our minds from all the everyday stress.

While I was checking some webpages a few days ago, I discovered a perfect little Christmas market, in Austria, just next to the border of Slovakia. Austria is famous for its Christmas markets, which are SO many, I can’t even begin. So, when I first saw this particular market, I knew we shouldn’t miss the chance of visiting it.

The Christmas market is located in the yards of the Castle of Schloss Hof, a Castle that once belonged to Prince Eugene of Savoy and was later purchased by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.

If you stay in Bratislava and you don’t own a car, worry not, because it is very easy to reach it. Just take bus 28 from Most SNP and stop at “Novoveská”. Novoveská is just 28 minutes away, but be very careful, because it is a Request Stop. That means that the bus will not stop, unless you click on the button.

When you step down from the bus, you have to walk backwards just a little bit, till you reach a small road, “Na myte” (if you slightly zoom out the map, you will see it). Then, you just have to go straight ahead, till you reach the beautiful bridge. When you cross it, and you will be already able to see Schloss Hof, in a walking distance ahead of you. The views are amazing, and I am sure that in Spring/Summer, the area looks like a paradise.


A little tip: if you visit Schloss Hof in winter, wear some very warm clothes. It can be very cold, I can guarantee that.

What I have to tell you is that although you will reach the Castle very fast, in order to actually enter it you have to walk around it, to find the actual entrance for tourists. It totally took us 30-35 minutes walking from the bus stop to the entrance of the Castle. Just search for the guiding sign!

To access the area, you must buy a ticket first. It costs 6 euros (per adult, no student prices are available if you want to visit just the Christmas market). There is also a more expensive ticket, which gives you access to the interior of the Castle (student discount applies here).


In the yards of the Castle, the hours can absolutely fly away! There are so many little shops, with delicacies and handmade creations -truly adorable.


There are also enclosed spaces with horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, llamas, bactrian camels etc. Even bactrian camels, no kidding!


We had tons of fun, and we managed to get back to the bus stop, just when the Sun went down (together with the already *too low* temperature).


It was amazing, guys. If you have some free time, or if you need to leave the city for a while and clear up your mind, this is a must-go place. So close, but so different!

If you have any questions about Schloss Hof, leave me your comments down below. Alternatively, you can visit its official website:

Hope you had a nice Saturday, too. Cheers! ^^


 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

*Special thanks to VCH for being the official photographer of the post.


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