DIY: Halloween candle holders

Meet Frankie, Mr. Pumpkin and Ghost Boo!


Ok, let me set things straight. I was never a big-Halloween-fan -i.e. I am not doing the dressing-up thing, nor the treat-or-trick thing. I haven’t even carved a pumpkin. But these days, I got really pumped up about making something Halloweenish -but something that can find a place in my home for more than the 31st of October.

So when I stumbled upon this recipe here, I thought “Well, well! These would be make some pretty neat candle holders!”

They are soooo incredibly simple and such a wonderful, warm addition to your house. I made all 3 of them in under 30 minutes, and you can certainly make them even faster. Just pop some spooky-wooky Halloween music on, and let’s get started!

You will need:

3 mason jars (I actually used 3 empty Nutella jars)

tempera tubes in: orange, light green, white & black

1 flat face painting brush and 1 with fine tip

1 pencil

tealight candles


Come on, I’m sure you get the idea even without instructions. But if you insist on having them written:

  • Use the flat face painting brush to paint your jars, each one of them a different colour. You must paint the outer surface of jar, not the inner. Use sharp strokes to create texture on your jar. Do not mix the colour with water, we want the paint as thick as possible. Let it dry.



  • When all the paint is dry, use your pencil to create the shapes of eyes, mouth, nose -use your imagination to create any character you want.
  • With the fine tip brush, use black paint to fill in the pencil spaces.


  • Let it completely dry. Add some tealight candles and enjoy!


Easy, huh? Such a nice addition to your Halloween party, or a casual decoration piece, if you are into some everyday magic : ))

Happy Halloween everyone!



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