BratisLove: A morning in Koliba

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted here in a while -let’s say that I am having a break, looking for inspiration. However, we went on a short trekking adventure in the area of Koliba, and I just had to write something about that!


Alright, for all of you who don’t know, Koliba is a part of the “Bratislava Forest Park”, at the bottom of the beautiful Little Carpathians. You can reach it very easily, by car or by trolleybus -currently, the Route 203 which passes from Hodžovo Námestie ends there. It includes a huge piece of land, ideal for walking, trekking, or mountain biking. It is an absolutely ideal escape plan from the city life, the everyday stress and the routine.


No matter what your age or your physical condition is, everyone is welcome there. Families with little kids and dogs, elderly, youngsters with their bicycles, professional athletes… everyone has a place in Koliba. The variety of routes is amazing! Bonus, if you follow the main trekking path, you will find Posts (with an English version included), presenting the types of mushrooms, trees, animals -etc- of the area.

To be honest, we had such a relaxing time walking and talking, that we totally forgot to take enough photos. Oops! In any case, I think that you get the general idea: Nature, rich in trees, flowers, sounds of birds, fresh air- a Paradise just outside the city. Not to mention, there are also some special open spaces for barbecue.


I would love to talk about the Slide we took down the hill, with little vehicles in which you can only control the break, as well as our accidental visit to the Bunker that was built in 1914/1915 as a part of Bratislava’s defense system during WW1, but I think that without photos the description will be incomplete. So next time we will take lots of photos for you to compensate! ^^

Have a great week, everyone. Cheers!


 Photos: VCH


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