Strolling around Brno, Czech Republic

Day trip in Brno!


This week we visited the beautiful city of Brno, which is the second largest city of the Czech Republic and the largest of the historic region of Moravia. Just one day is not enough to explore everything, of course, but it was definitely enough for us to get a good taste of the city’s life and fulfil our 2 basic goals: visit the Mendel’s museum and the Church of St. James, with its recently found ossuary.

Brno is only one and a half hour away from Bratislava, so there is really no excuse to skip visiting it, if you live in the Slovak capital. We traveled by train, and the time of the trip flew by pretty fast.

The first thing I should mention for all of the potential visitors, is that the official currency of the country is the Czech koruna. There are many exchange offices around, however, in the places we visited we were able to pay in Euros, so we didn’t have to make an exchange -which was pretty cool.


The train station is in the heart of the city center, so it’s very easy to move around. As soon as we arrived in Brno, we had a quick look around the famous Cabbage market (which is basically a farmer’s market, with fruit and vegetables, situated at the very center of the city).


We explored the surroundings-


-and then we went for lunch to a traditional restaurant nearby. The food was amazing, as well as its decoration!

Then, we decided to search for the Mendel’s museum. We found the building quite easily, just by walking for a few minutes (a map is always needed, of course).


The museum was astonishingly beautiful! Small, but really well taken care of. We saw some of Mendel’s personal belongings, manuscripts, microscope and telescope, informational videos… the nerds inside of us were truly excited!


Look. At. That. Even the sofas are shaped like chromosomes X and Y… how cool is that?!

As much as we wanted to enjoy a coffee and fresh cheesecake at the Mendel’s cafe, just next to the museum, the heart of Brno was calling us back. So we obeyed, and went back to the city center.


Next stop was the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Amazing Gothic architecture and majestic Baroque interior design. Highly recommended to visit it!

We also visited its crypts, which included the foundations of the original church. I think that a visitor with more knowledge of the background would be able to truly appreciate the historical value of this place. However, we also enjoyed looking around at the exhibits.


Next was the ossuary at the Church of St. James. An absolutely breathtaking work of art! It was discovered quite recently (2001) and contains the bones of 50,000 people who lost the battle against the plague and cholera, in the past. This ossuary is only second in size, after the famous Catacombs of Paris. The part which is open to the public is quite small, but it really captures the atmosphere of the place. A big bonus was the dark atmospheric-orchestric music which was composed specifically for this ossuary.


Our goals were now fulfilled, so we decided to spend our remaining time in Brno, walking around the city and having a coffee in a stylish cafe. Ok, I had raspberry lemonade, does it count? ^^

Hope you enjoyed this week’s entry!


p.s. Ahaa- looking back to my entry, it is quite a big one, this time. Anyway, I won’t delete anything just to make it shorter. This info might help some of you, who want to visit the city.

If you have any questions, leave them down below and I might be able to help you. Cheers!


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