To Kittsee by bicycle

Been there. Done that.


This week we finally did it! I have been wanting to go to an Austrian village by bicycle since two or even three years ago. I had already got a bicycle but I never really used it for a long distance. But the time finally arrived, for my bicycle to take me to a place far away!

Ok. Not that far away (duh), but still, away from the city.

We begun our mini adventure early in the afternoon. We didn’t go too fast, not to get tired too early and to also have time to explore the surrounding area -which, by the way, was amazing.


We crossed Most SNP (the “UFO” bridge of Bratislava), took the bicycle path in Petrzalka and soon reached the Slovak-Austrian borders, very close to which is situated the beautiful and picturesque village of Kittsee.

DSCN0411 copy

I’m not gonna lie, the views were absolutely stunning!


We had a nice ride around the town, although we arrived a little late and we had to return  before night time. We are planning to visit it again for sure, however, as we talked to a local and he suggested to visit the Kittsee’s castle. Next time, then!

On our way back, we stopped at a nice cafe in Petrzalka to rest for a while. It was very peaceful and it filled our batteries with energy to finish the last part of our little trip.


Till our next adventure!


Are you interested in Kittsee? Then check out this link:


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