BratisLove: Visit to the Slovak National Museum (SNM)

Hey everyone!

I have already left the South and have returned to the North. I am now in Bratislava, and I have to say that the weather is unexpectedly warm here. Last Saturday, we decided to visit the Slovak National Museum. The day was quite eventful and we kept postponing the visit, but in the end we made it!

20160827_174356 copy

The SNM headquarters are housed in a relatively small building. This building is where  the management is located, as well as the Natural History Museum. It is definitely not the biggest museum in Europe, however, it shelters some of the most important cultural and natural findings of the country.

The ground and the first floor of the museum are used for temporary exhibitions, whereas the second and third floors are where the permanent exhibitions are placed.

20160827_163252 copy

On the ground floor we followed the temporary exhibition “4 Millions in a Museum”, which includes collections from many different historical periods. Musical instruments,  puppets, historical clothing, house objects, skeletons -all types of different exhibits can be found here.  I especially enjoyed the tagline of this particular exhibition:

“A museum cannot exist without collections, but collections can exist without a museum.” 

Way to go!

The second floor is dedicated in another temporary exhibition titled “Restored gracefulness of mortuaries”. In this floor, we saw many different historical Coats of Arms – a true genealogical treasure. If you are interested in Mortuaries, then this floor offers quite a big range of them.

The upper two floors constitute the Natural History Museum. It was quite small (especially if you compare it to Vienna’s analogue), however, you could see that it was made with care and effort. It is definitely a nice place to visit, especially with children. They will love it!

20160827_170107 copyDSCN0378 copy

Look at that! Such a nice idea to recreate the natural environment of the long lost fauna.

On our way back, we strolled down the roads of Bratislava and enjoyed the little cute spots of the town, while we still can -soon, everything will be covered in rain & ice.

20160827_180242 copy20160827_180254

I hope you enjoyed this post. Till our next stop! ^^


For more information on the SNM:

* A big thanks to Mr. VCH for being the official contributor of the museum photos.


2 thoughts on “BratisLove: Visit to the Slovak National Museum (SNM)

  1. It’s always great to explore each country’s museums,traditions and habits.Surely, i am gonna plan a visit in this museum after joining you there in a few days.
    Thank you for introducing us such interesting places.Keep up with the good job!!!


    1. Thank you for the comment! If you combine the visit with a nice walk along Danube, it will definitely make a memorable afternoon 🙂


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