5 *basic* decoration ideas for a small balcony

Get out in the balcony, right now!

2016-08-21 10.54.09

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a balcony in their apartment, don’t let it go unused.  During summertime, it can be a perfect spot for relaxation, reading a book, drinking cocktails or just hang out with your S.O. or friends. Even if it is a small one, you can still take some steps to pump it up and get the most out of it. In this entry, I will give you some basic tips, which you can alter to match your personal style.

Drumroll, please. And… here we go!

1. Keep your privacy!

What happens in the balcony, should stay in the balcony.

If the front of your balcony doesn’t have its own barrier (e.g. wall), keep the unwanted eyes out, using a dense bamboo reed fence. Done!

2. Be comfortable!

Comfort is a very subjective thing. For some, comfort might include a table and chairs. For some others, comfort includes sitting on pillows and carpets. You don’t have to go the conventional way! If you are not the “table and chair” person, throw a carpet on the floor and add pillows to make it spicy. If you are on a budget, you can even use a large old towel, instead of a carpet. Use your imagination and stay comfy!

2016-08-21 10.53.14

3. Go green!

Balcony=outdoors and outdooors=plants

Add some green colour to your balcony, with some plants. If you don’t like the idea of watering plants or attracting insects, choose fake plants. But come on, who are we kidding? Real plants make a totally different environment. Just don’t resist, and go for them.

4. Stay romantic!

Just because it is outside your main home area, you don’t have to leave it cold and impersonal. Keep the romance, by adding candles, small lanterns and photo frames with your favourite photos!

2016-08-21 10.52.27

5. Textiles make all the difference!

Add a vibrant tablecloth on your balcony table! Summerish napkins over it! Soft and fluffy pillows on your chairs! Make it warm and cozy. After all, it is the hot spot of your house, during the summertime. A warm environment will lift you up and make everything better. On the door which leads to the balcony, add a colourful curtain -so when the wind blows it towards the balcony, the colours will pop out!

What’s your ideal balcony decoration? Do you keep it simple or have some special tips to share with us?



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