I.C.O.N.: The scarecrow

Dedicated to a loved one

IMG_20160811_102537 copy

After seeing on your blog the photo with the scarecrow, I would like to dedicate a small text to a beloved person.

Dear grandma,

I wish I could help you understand that whatever scares you, if you go closer, it resembles the scarecrow that you see every day in your beloved land. The scarecrow is nothing but a simple combination of things full of warmth:

two wooden branches, from the endless branches that you have carried for your oven throughout your life, to prepare your wonderful food,

a hat from your husband, with whom you have been through so many things in this life,

and a shirt from your beloved son, on which you were the one stitching the buttons every time they were lost somewhere.

The scarecrows of your life, grandma, are just shadows of life. Go near them, love them, accept them. They are a part of your life. Accept them and then you will see, grandma, that the only scarecrows that will remain are the ones from the fairy tales, because you- you will now be in peace with your own fears, your own scarecrows.




I.C.O.N. stands for “Ideas Can Overpower Noise”. It is the blog’s space for your posts.

The hectic pace of today’s lifestyle can cause a huge level of noise in our minds. But Ideas are stronger than that, they have the power to eliminate this noise. Share your own Ideas and become a part of the I.C.O.N. team.

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