Day trip to Trizonia and Nafpakto

Summer holidays in Greece wouldn’t be complete without some short, day trips to explore the country! It’s amazing how just a day away can be so relaxing.

DSC01182 copy

A travel agency in our town organised a group day trip to Trizonia, and we decided to join them. Trizonia is a tiny little island, just 2.5 sq. kilometres. There are only 50 houses on the island -and around 150 inhabitants. Cars are prohibited there (there are 2 vehicles that are used only in case of emergency) and the only sounds you can hear are the ones from the cicadas (funny fact: in Greek, “Trizonia” means “cicadas”), the birds and the sea!

The trip begun early in the morning and the bus reminded us of a school trip, with music and happy voices. To reach the island, you must first reach the land near the island and then get on a small boat, which only takes up to 20 people or so.

We reached the island at about 11.30 a.m.. It was a hot, summer day. Luckily, there were a couple of cafes and taverns (=traditional Greek restaurants) which provided us with shelter from the heat, cold water and tasty, fresh seafood. And yes, we were excited to find out that there was also wi-fi!

DSC01178 (6) copy

After lunch, we rested on a bench, under the shade of the trees, outside a small -but picturesque- church, and enjoyed the sea view.


We left the island in the afternoon, and headed to Nafpakto, a charming Greek town, rich in tradition and history. We walked on the small roads of the town, enjoyed the sunny beach and in the end rested while drinking our lemon ice tea, next to the small port.


It was an amazing, relaxing day, with good friends. Thanks for everything guys! ^^




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