Memories of Ljubljana (photo journal)

One year has already passed since our trip to beautiful Ljubljana (Slovenia): a sunny town with kind people, stunning spots and above all, absolutely delicious food!

Come with us in this Journey of Memories and follow us in 3 of the most charming places of the town!

DSCN0233 (2)

1. The Ljubljana Castle

Originally built in the 11th century, as a fortress, the Castle is a major cultural center of Slovenia.

On our way up, the path was changing significantly every now and then-

DSC00402 (1)DSC00420 (3)

 Et voilà!

DSC00429 (2)

At this point, I should mention that the entry to the main courtyard you can see, is absolutely free. You only have to pay to enter the special places of the Castle. That’s a huge plus, because you can visit it more than once, just to enjoy the nice surroundings and your coffee.

To access the special services, however, you need to pay the relevant fee. The Castle is very organised, with numerous exhibitions, a superb Virtual tour of the Castle’s history, concerts, open air cinema and much more (we just loved the Museum of Puppetry)! Summer is definitely the best season to visit the Castle, because more events are taking place there.

And if you feel tired, you can sit at one of the relaxing spots and enjoy the sound of the birds, as well as borrow for free one book-

DSCN0231 (1)

2. The boat trip

I am not a huge fan of purely “touristic” activities, such as going around on a boat trip, but if you ever visit this town, please do yourself a favour and just do it! Actually, during the days we visited Ljubljana there was a beer&burger festival going on there (gosh!), so before hopping into the boat, we grabbed 2 ice cold glasses of the *tastiest* beer in the whole world.

The boat trip was stunning, there is no photo that can capture this beauty-

DSC00518DSC00544 copy

Mother of Dragons! Look at that Dragon Bridge!

I almost forgot to mention that Ljubljana is the City of Dragons, so if you are into bewitching Dragons, mighty warriors and medieval situations, you will feel this town as your second home.

3. The Botanical garden

…because if there is a Botanical garden around, we just have to visit it!

Okay, I will be blunt here: this is a true paradise. I can’t believe we almost missed it…! (it was too hot during these days and we had already walked a lot on that particular day)

What can I say about this masterpiece? When Nature and Humans combine their powers, this is one of their ultimate creations!


Oh! And there is also a huge trekking area connected to the Botanical garden-


So, that was it for this blog entry! I hope you enjoyed watching our photos and that you got to experience a tiny bit of the beauty we encountered there.

Thank you Ljubljana and all your lovely people for making our trip unforgettable!




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