Pamper yourself!

Who doesn’t like pampering themselves? Taking care of yourself, your mood and your body, is one of the most fulfilling things that you can do. It can relax you, make you happier and elevate your spirit!

Throughout the year, it can be quite difficult to manage your academic or professional responsibilities and at the same time spend adequate time pampering yourself. During the summer holidays, however, there is no excuse! It’s the perfect chance to experiment with different products, enjoy their scent and let them do wonders for your body and spirit.

This summer I decided to try out pure, natural products. Essential oils, flower and fruit extracts… mm! Here are my absolutely favourite tips for cleansing and hydration:

2016-07-28 18.34.10 copy

♥ For the face: ♥  

1. Leave aside all the harsh face cleansers you might have and choose a simpler one, with natural ingredients and extracts. It’s amazing how much less moisturising face cream you will need, if your cleansing gel is gentle and doesn’t dry out your skin.

2. Ditch your winter face masks for 100% pure oils. This month, I am absolutely loving rose oil. During a long bath, you can massage your face and neck with rose oil and when your bath is finished use your face cleansing gel to remove any excess amount. Voila! Perfectly hydrated skin.

♥ For the hair: ♥ 

1. Choose a gentle shampoo for frequent use. It won’t strip away the scalp’s natural oils leaving it dry and itchy.

2. Hydrate your hair with oils! Rose oil, castor oil, coconut oil… even olive oil can do the the job, although -to be honest- it weights down my thin hair, so I don’t prefer it. One of the best hair oils is castor oil, however, it is not easy to apply due to its thickness. But worry not! You can just mix it with a thinner oil (e.g. rose and coconut) and then apply it to your scalp and hair. (Tip: if you have a favourite essential oil, you can add a couple of drops in the mixture before the application. Ylang ylang is just perfect for summer!)

These are my own favourites of summer 2016 (as pictured on the photo, left to right):

1. Rose oil by Macrovita

2. Shampoo for frequent use with chamomile and honey by Apivita

3. Purifying gel for oily/combination skin by Apivita

4. This last one is a little extra. Summer hair should smell just like summer, and I think Timotei managed to capture this smell into a bottle. To be honest, although this product contains oils, I didn’t really notice any difference on my hair just from that. But that smell… Just gorg! (Product is: Precious oils beautifying mist by Timotei)

Which are your favourite summer products?


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