Lazy summer days


You know these long and lazy summer days when you wake up and there is nothing written on your daily organiser? No responsibilities, no chores, nothing, zero.

As a uni student I can *luckily* still enjoy some days like that. However, after a few days the gap schedule gets boring -after all, being restless and fully occupied is super exhausting, but being absolutely unproductive is also exhausting.

So! To fight the spirit of unproductiveness I decided to start writing down the “Goal of the day”. As the name conveys, from today and till the end of my summer holidays I will try to fulfil one special goal every day! It doesn’t have to be something big, just something special that I don’t usually do. Moreover, because I am feeling super productive today, I will set and try to fulfil 3 goals. Oooh yeah!

The goals are:

  1. Trim the basil pot I have on my balcony
  2. Make a yummy carrot cake
  3. Start reading a new book

Ready, set, go!

1.Trim the basil pot I have on my balcony

…because a trimmed basil is a happy basil!

Trimming the basil makes it grow even bigger. I kept on postponing it, but today I took the big decision!

Tip: You can use the pieces with the small white flowers that you cut off as a decoration for your dishes!

2.Make a yummy carrot cake

2016-07-23 12.07.23 copy

What’s better than using fresh carrots to make a soft carrot cake?

A while ago, I stumbled upon a gorgeous recipe from Sally’s baking addiction, which I make from time to time. Today I made just the cake, without the frosting, just to make it slightly lighter. I strongly recommend adding the frosting, however. Absolutely divine!

2016-07-23 13.46.10 copy

Wanna try the recipe? Click *here*. The only change I made was to use walnuts instead of pecans, because it was easier to get them. Crunchy and moist, that’s the perfect summer cake!

3.Start reading a new book

It was high time I did that! The book is called “The Luminaries”, by Eleanor Catton. Hm, this book has very mixed reviews, although it has won the Booker Prize. Let’s see, then!

2016-07-23 14.48.40 copy



Right now I will switch off the cellphone, take my place on my balcony with a glass of fresh orange juice and check the first pages out.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog entry!




-Ciao, everyone! x

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